Thursday, 26 September 2013

Aries Female

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is a Mars-ruled fire sign.

Ladies born under the sign of Aries can be a handful. They’re enthusiastic, dynamic gals who love to jump headfirst into life. Why waste a moment doing nothing, when they could be doing…something? Anything? As long as there’s some fun and action to be had, they’re all in. And don’t think they’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching, either. Not only will they jump right in and join the fun, but pretty soon they’ll be showing everyone else how to do things better.
They’re funny girls, and tend towards tomboy tendencies. Not to say that they’re unfeminine. It’s just that, well, if their car gets a flat tire, they’re as likely to fix the tire themselves (and maybe do a quick check of the fluids and hoses, while they’re at it) rather than wait for Prince Charming to come along with a spare. After all, they’ve probably got someplace to be and some things to do!
They’re an optimistic bunch, and love life. They like an extravagant lifestyle, and will work hard to support it. If any sign has a “can do” attitude, it’s Aries. They love to spend money, too, and surround themselves with nice toys. It’s a good thing they don’t mind putting the effort into earning that money.
Like anyone else, Aries ladies can have a few less-than-ideal traits. For instance, they’ve got a heck of a quick, flaming temper! Fortunately, once they get mad, their temper flares out just as quickly and they’re not likely to hold a grudge. They do tend to say what they think, however. This can hurt the feelings of some other signs. For that reason, their closest friends are probably people who know how to handle them, and who know not to take too much offense when Ms. Aries shoots off her mouth.
At times, they can be selfish, impatient, aggressive and insensitive. They hate being nagged or criticized. And, unfortunately for them, their fiery dominance tends to attract weaker “loser” types. Being basically kind people, they may let these loser types tag along longer than they should. Again, though, unless one has quite a hardy temperament, Aries can be difficult to put up with for the long term, and that tends to shake off the false friends.
~ In The Workplace ~
Bosses and coworkers of Aries need to learn to let them do their own thing at their own pace, if possible. They’re ambitious girls, very organized, and great workers. In fact, they’ll do whatever necessary to get the job done, even if it includes working late or doing more than their share. However, they do tend to get bored by routine, and they don’t like taking orders. Aries can be rather bossy.
The more they can work on their own, the better. They can even make for great bosses, but need to be watched to make sure they’re not overbearing on their employees. The best way to keep an Aries happy in the workplace is to keep them busy and even run them a bit ragged. Otherwise their boundless energy can cause them to act up and get a bit out of control. And that’s when the trouble begins.
~ Friends ~
Aries gals have a few close, lifelong friends, and tons of lighter-level friends. They’re very caring, helpful girls, and can be surprisingly kind and sympathetic, as long as they get to “run” things. They prefer friends who are similar in temperament, and who are tough enough to handle their characteristic bluntness. They won’t want to walk around on eggshells to avoid offending people, so it’s best if their closest friends aren’t the easily offended type.
~ In Love ~
In love, Aries women are loving and romantic. They can be a lot of fun, what with all that crazy energy. They love to go out and party, and have fun with their partners. They need a strong mate, though—a mate who is strong enough to handle Ms. Aries’ strength, for she is not at all the submissive type. She likes a challenge.

What she doesn’t like is a mate who flirts with others, or who is possessive and jealous. Not to say that she, herself, doesn’t flirt—because she does. She can be jealous, too. She just won’t tolerate flirting from her partner. A partner who is strong enough to push back on this double standard will be quite attractive to her—although she still won’t tolerate her partner flirting.

~ Marriage ~
If Ms. Aries decides to settle down, she needs a mate who is strong enough to handle her, empathic enough to understand her, and who will give her trust and freedom. Her ideal mates may be born under the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius, for they will be similar in temperament, and the water sign of Pisces, with their flexibility and understanding.
Leo needs a lot of attention, and needs to be the center of attention. Ms. Aries can be rather selfish, so they will have to learn to share the spotlight a bit. If they can do that, sparks can fly between them.
Sagittarius is rather freedom-loving, and will need to have their own life and friends. If Ms. Aries can tolerate not being the center of Sagittarius’s universe, they can have a lot of fun together.
Pisces is a kind, loving sign, and is very understanding. If Ms. Aries can avoid running roughshod over the sensitive Pisces soul, there could be a lot of love and comfort in this relationship.
~ Children ~
If the Aries lady decides to have children, she’ll be a terrific mom. She won’t be the smothering type, and will treat her child much like she would like to be treated. She’ll be protective, of course, but she’ll encourage her child to learn and experience and try things, whether they are good experiences or bad. She believes that life is to be lived, and will want her children to live to the fullest and learn as much as possible. When they’re older, she’ll likely become very good friends with her children, and will encourage and support them throughout their lives.

~ And Finally ~
If an Aries lady is a part of your life, be prepared for a fun, exciting relationship. Ms. Aries can definitely brighten up one’s day.